Lovitt & Touche` Inc.


Lovitt & Touché is an Arizona based independent agency with offices in Phoenix & Tucson and a member of Intersure since 2004. David Wilder, while attending an Intersure Principal’s meeting in 2010 learned from another partner agency (Tony Chimino with Assurance) of the idea of providing educational seminars to customers to help them obtain a better understanding of their insurance.  In 2011, Lovitt & Touché initially started providing seminars on a very small scale with a few insurance topics and a few invites.  We tried different times a day, and eventually settled on lunch where we provided lunch to the attendees.

The seminars were a great success and were recognized as a valuable resource that our competitors were not providing, thus setting us apart from our competition.  The Lovitt & Touché Learning Academy was formalized in 2013.  We obtained sponsorships from our carriers, increased the number of seminars and broadened the topics beyond insurance.  The Lovitt & Touché Learning Academy now provides ongoing education, helping companies and individuals improve productivity, successfully manage costs and stay informed regarding strategic planning, compliance, OSHA 10, risk control topics, captive 101, surety, healthcare reform, employee benefits, risk management and more.

The program now hosts 50+ seminars (in both Phoenix & Tucson) with over 4,000 attendees a year with speakers ranging from insurance professionals and underwriters to attorneys and industry-specific specialists. Our clients also see a ROI in our program due to the availability of continuing education credits in fields such as accounting and human resources. All Lovitt & Touché clients & prospects get free access to our seminars.

In addition to providing services to our clients, the Learning Academy has helped demonstrate to our prospects our commitment to investing in them and their company.

Through this program, Lovitt & Touché has strengthened our relationships with our clients and prospects, helping with retention and growth.  Along with creating a, “I Want In” attitude with our carriers. 

Due to the program’s success, we are currently looking to expand the Learning Academy to a digital platform.